Summer and thongs go together like peas and carrots, right? Unfortunately, from a Podiatry point of view they are not such a great idea. The humble Aussie thong can be detrimental to our feet as they offer little support and are very flat. Essentially your big toe is there to act as a lever, leaving your little toes free to grab on to shoes/ground. In thongs (and other flats) however, you are having to claw on with your big toe using your little toes as the lever. Since our feet are clawing on, we tend to alter the way we walk and take shorter strides.  The more straps and the more contoured to the foot, the better.

Wearing unsupported shoes constantly can lead to other problems such as hip, knee and lower back problems. One of the most common conditions caused by wearing thongs regularly is planter fasciitis, an inflammation of the tissue in the bottom of the foot which, in extreme cases, is debilitating.

Is your summer ruined? Do you have to break up with your favourite pair of summer foot buddies? No, far from it. Like chocolate and wine, thongs are fine in moderation.

We would caution that if you plan on wearing thongs, shop for brands that offer arch support, and don’t wear them for long periods of time. Going to the beach, around the pool, short trips to the shops, gym change rooms etc. are fine.

If you develop unexplained pain in other parts of your body, like your back, always consider your feet as a possible source. Wearing shoes with little to no arch support can cause overuse of tendons and muscles not only in your feet, but also in hips, ankles, knees, and back.

At ProMed we have recently started stocking Archies arch support thongs available in both men’s and women’s options and a variety of colours. One of the features of the thongs that Health Professionals like the most about Archie’s Thongs is the tighter strap and the extremely light weight design which allows more optimal foot function and enables the user to walk with a more natural gait pattern than what they would experience when wearing other thongs. The tighter strap, super soft foam and the arch support found within Archie’s Thongs often enables the user to walk without pain.

Drop in to and take a look and get in touch with us if you have any questions!

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