Of all the people on our planet, you are by far the most experienced! At this time of your life you should be working less and enjoying life more. However, the challenges of 2020 have certainly made that tough. We can’t fix everything, but we’re here to help you get back on track and feeling good.

Take it one step at a time for fit feet and a fitter you.

Step 1: Look Closer

Start by looking at your feet every day.

Use a mirror to check the bottom of your feet. Can you see any cracks, sores, infections or skin peeling or dry skin? This is especially important if you have diabetes or chronic health issues.

Spot anything?

Contact your experienced ProMed Podiatrist ASAP to avoid unnecessary complications.

Step 2 : Feeling Uncomfortable

There’s no point in wearing shoes that rub or make your feet ache, or even restrict your ability to move.

Check that your shoes give you the support you deserve – including your slippers and other indoor shoes! It’s amazing the difference proper support can make.

Not sure where to start?

Speak with your ProMed Podiatrist who can advise you on the correct style and footwear features to suit your feet.

Step 3 : Slow and Steady

It helps to take things slowly!

Think about what activity you would like to do and break down your goals into manageable milestones.

Whether you start with a short walk or some simple movements indoors, you can build up from there.

ProMed has a focus on developing individualised exercise and rehabilitations programs to help you begin or return to activities and prevent injury.

Step 4: Stretch and Reflect

It is so important to gently warm up and stretch after exercising.

Remember to seek medical advice on the best stretches or strength exercises for your body. And if you notice any pain or discomfort since increasing your activity, see your ProMed Podiatrist for advice.

Remember: pain does not mean you need to give up, but it is best to seek advice before continuing.

Step 5 : Keep Checking In


Often we may not feel like being active. All it takes is for you to start by committing to five minutes of your planned activity each day.

Sometimes we wait to feel in the mood for exercise, yet this never comes! Be the boss of your body and let the endorphins flow from there.

The best exercise is the one that you enjoy and you complete.

Did you know?

Being active can help you to manage chronic conditions and pain, improve mental health, maintain independence, brain function and memory; as well as improving balance and reducing the risk of falls?

We are here to help – Fit feet for a better and healthier you!


Raechel Farquharson


Adapted from Foot Health Australia Magazine – Issue 1 2020

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