Hi! Here’s a bit more about me and what I like to do!

I love Summer so my pool is very much enjoyed especially in the evenings after work for a swim and a drink before dinner watching the sunset. Winter is not my friend so once the pool heater is turned off and the cover goes on for a couple of the cooler months. I long for the longer days and warmer weather.

My hobbies include: camping, fishing and we recently bought ourselves a caravan to get away on the weekends when our days off align. It includes a little more creature comforts than the camper we take to Fraser each year. We have done a few trips now to Coffs Harbour, Minnie Waters, Iluka, Ballina and Bribie Island. It’s nice to get away even if just for a few days. We have 2 dogs now as my husband bought me a Rottweiler named Indi. She is 18 months old. She has a real personality that one! Cooper, our other dog loves her too, they are great mates and play well together. We still have the chickens and the bees – they are always busy which keeps us busy! We rob the hives and I make bees wax food wraps and beeswax food pockets from our own beeswax which are environmentally friendly and reusable. They help keep you fruit veg and left overs etc fresher for longer.

My favourite series at the moment is Yellowstone on Netflix and for a giggle Kims Convenience also on Netflix. My favourite restaurant is anything Italian and I love the Veal dishes. I also really enjoy Japanese Teppanyaki or just eating at home with my very own cook, my husband, who doesn’t call it cooking but “creating”.  He cannot make it exactly the same twice, sometimes over caters and adds too much chilli, but everyone is always well fed and happy. I’m happy if someone else is cooking for me, one less thing to think about.

So that’s the update on me!



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