With over 18 years experience in practicing podiatry and a special interest in diabetes management, ProMed Podiatry Senior Podiatrist Raechel Farquharson talks about her approach to diabetes management and offers some advice for those living with diabetes.

What is your experience with treating people with Diabetes?

I have been a Podiatrist for 18 years and have had the privilege to work with many people with diabetes. I have met people who have just been diagnosed and have minimal complications to others who have had the disease their whole lives and have had serious complications. I have worked both in the hospital system as well as private practice. I have enjoyed both and have a passion for preventative care through education and understanding.

Who are your patients?

The patients I see are diverse. As they say, Diabetes does not discriminate. I see people who are professionals, families, low socio-economic status, and diverse ethnicities. Unfortunately, over the many years of treating patients I have noticed a continued increase in the amount of patients with Diabetes. Close to 60% of our patient have Diabetes.

How do you approach diabetes management?

Because diabetes affects so many areas of the body, I believe it is important to take a wholistic approach to the management and care of the patient but also to work synonymously with the patients’ health care team.

Raechel FarquharsonSpecifically, in regard to their Podiatry management it is important to assess the patients current risk of foot related complications, provide appropriate treatment and provide ongoing support. The most important factor is to educate and empower the patient. Knowledge is power – and this knowledge gives the patient the power to prevent complications.

What is your best advice to people living with Diabetes?

My best advice is knowledge is power. If you understand the disease and how it affects you, then you can take control and have the power to prevent complications. Medicine is always advancing, keep informed, and this too can improve your outcomes.


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