Winter is here again and with Covid-19 still lurking around we need to keep our immune system in tip top shape.

Here are a few of my tips for beating colds and hopefully preventing them in the first place!

  • Zinc – take daily while sick, take weekly to maintain and prevent illness
  • Vitamin C – take high dosage while sick
  • Probiotics – take2 per day while sick, 1 per day to prevent illness
  • Glutamine – take 10 tsp per day while sick, take 2-3 tsp per day to maintain a good immune system
  • Eat plenty of green vegetables
  • Increase your intake of berries and other antioxidant rich foods
  • Get plenty of sleep – at least 7 hours per night
  • Drinks lots of water – by lots I mean at least 2 litres per day minimum. We often get dehydrated when unwell.
  • Reduce stress where possible and get plenty of rest. Your body will not recover if you are in a high state of stress
  • Avoid packaged foods, sugar, greasy food, and any food that may compromise your immune system (some of us have a small intolerance to dairy, gluten etc – avoid these so your immune system can focus on getting you well!)

Most of these things should be done in every day life to not only keep colds and flus away but to improve all aspects of your health.

See your practitioner for specific health and supplement advice.


Kasey Boorman


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