Bulk billing podiatrist gold coast

Joe Brooks, a podiatrist and a director of the Australian Podiatry Association (APA), told ABC Radio Brisbane’s Steve Austin the industry was concerned by the number of clients presenting with issues that started at nail bars.

“It’s fair to say we are concerned with the hygiene practices at play in these nails salons,” Mr Brooks said.

“That would definitely increase the risk of bacterial infections and also fungal nail.

“I can also say that I’ve [personally] had patients come into these nail bars who have either had incorrect treatments or their nail health has really deteriorated after being to one of these nail bars.”

Helen Cox said she had lived with the painful results of a bad pedicure for several years.

“I got a voucher [from a friend] because honestly, I wouldn’t have gone myself otherwise, so I thought I may as well use it,” she said.

“It was OK but then not long after, I got infected in both of my big toenails and they’re still affected now.

In a statement, the APA said there had been “a recent spate of concerns” expressed by its podiatrists.

“A number of podiatrists have reported that they have treated conditions caused or exacerbated by inappropriate involvement by nail salon attendants,” it said.

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