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Budin Toe Straightener


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Budin Toe Straighteners are the only product on the market that not only provides correction and stretching to flexible digital deformities such as claw toes, hammer toes and mallet toes but it also provides added support of the metatarsal arch. This double action is the key to this products success of straightening toes.

The Budin Toe Straightener also allows to you vary the stretching of the digits via the elastic ring system. The elastic toe ring can be released or tightened as required to provide varied pressure to achieve your goal.


If you have circulation issues or diabetes, consult your podiatrist before trying this product.

This product is only suitable for flexible contractures of the toe. If your toe joints do not move and are fixed in place, then do not use this product.

Additional information

Toe Straightener sizes

Single (Universal), Double (Universal), Triple (Left & Right)


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