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Engo Blister Prevention Patches (pkt 4)




ENGO Blister Prevention Patches are a long-lasting alternative to traditional blister bandages. You apply ENGO directly to your shoes—not your skin—to prevent blister-causing friction and provide long-lasting blister prevention and relief.

Tips for Application:

  1. A good rule of thumb is to select a patch that is slightly larger than troubled area or blister.
  2. Remove half of the patch from the backing, using the backing to create a tab. Use tab for handling patch.
  3. Apply adhesive side of ENGO patch to desired location of clean, dry footwear.
    Tip: ENGO may last longer when anchored to a surface. For example, wrapping patches around the edge/sides of the insole.
  4. Peel remaining backing away from patch.
    Tip: If blisters form at interface of footwear & insole, use two patches. One patch is placed on the footwear. The other patch is placed on the insole. A smooth interface is created.
  5. Press firmly around entire patch surface to secure.
    To protect remaining patched and preserve their quality, store your unused patches in the re-closable, heavy duty ENGO bag that they came in.
  6. Enjoy blister-free running, walking, hiking, sports, and exercising!

Always read the label. Use only as directed. If symptoms persist, see your healthcare professional


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