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Fungafiles – Disposable files for fungal nails and common warts (pkt 24)



How it works

The first disposable files for mycotic nails and verrucae debridement. Unique ‘matchbook’ design encourages frequent use and disposal, while small size is ideal for percise use. Removes fungal nail debris, improves nail appearance, and keeps nails thinner for easier trimming. Can also be used for warts and to help reduce necrotic tissue. Speed treatment results — topical, oral and laser! 24 disposable nail files per pack.

How to use

Clean and dry affected area thoroughly. Remove single file from pack. File over affected nail or wart region. This is in preparation for application of a topical treatment.


Improves the treatment time and delivery for fungal nails and wart therapies.

Always read the label. Use only as directed. If symptoms persist, see your healthcare professional


(With this product I would like to make it half price with the purchase of Tea tree antifungal solution, Resolve antifungal solution and Dermal Therapy Fungistop and Duofilm. Otherwise full price)


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