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Welcome to winter! This time of year we see many interesting foot problems. We have been treating a lot of people who participated in the Gold Coast Marathon and Kokoda challenge.

Congratulations to all participants. There were many amazing achievements which should be celebrated. After so much training there are the post event injuries to deal with.

We are currently seeing many issues ranging from blisters and bruised nails to tendon strains and stress fractures. At ProMed we are focused on helping you achieve your goals whether it be walking, running or the Kokoda challenge.

Our services include:

  • Walking and running assessment
  • Footwear assessment
  • Sock review
  • Blister prevention strategies
  • Review training strategies
  • Stretching and strengthening programs
  • Injury prevention strategies

If you are keen to start a walking or running program or have a specific event goal, come in and see one of our highly trained team to help you achieve your goal pain free!

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