There’s a first time for everything, right? And this special offer is a first time for us!
To support our patients while we go get through this pandemic,for the month of September we are offering a discount on our custom prescribed, 3D-scanned orthotics.

Whether you are after a new pair after wearing them day in and out for year or you would like a second pair for another set of shoes there are many benefits of having multiple pairs of orthotics!

1. Not having to change orthotics from shoe to shoe
2. Having orthotics designed for specific styles of shoe e.g. extra cushioning for sports shoes, extra wide for work boots etc.
3. Increase the lifespan of BOTH pairs of orthotics by rotating them
4. If your current orthotics have worn down over time and aren’t functioning as effectively, new orthotics will return them to their optimum function and increase benefits to your feet

Did you know we can repair, recover and rebalance your current orthotics? Book in for an orthotic review where your Podiatrist will assess your orthotics for:

1. Your orthotic material looks compressed or excessively worn down
2. Your orthotics don’t feel as comfortable as they did originally
3. The problem you had when you received the orthotics may be slowly returning

Promed podiatry clinic

Don’t forget to bring your regular shoes to your appointment!
We will measure them all to ensure you get the best fit.

*$85 consultation fee also applies
*both consultation and orthtoics may be eligible for private health fund rebates.

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