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Annual Foot Check for Kids
Keeping Your Kids Active & Healthy

Kids constantly run with them. They jump with them. They stand with them. And if there’s one thing about children, they’re constantly on the move. Which is why taking care of their feet is ever so important. Legs and feet can quickly become sore and tired if there is irregular alignment or foot posture. It’s also hard for parents to tell what’s normal development when a kid is growing so fast.

With this constant growth and development, it can be reassuring to know that they also tend to be responsive to foot treatments and rehabilitation should the need arise.Healthy feet often reflect preventative action to conditions such as diabetes, obesity, heart disease, arthritis and depression. This is the case with adults, and it’s the same with kids.

Sending your kid to the dentist or optometrist every year is a widely accepted must. An annual foot health check for your child should be no different, given how it is essential in a healthy lifestyle. If you care about your kid’s health, it’s time to check their feet.

Book your child’s annual foot check today, to keep them running tomorrow.

What is a Child Foot Health Assessment?

Also known as a foot health check for kids, a child foot health assessment is carried out by a professional podiatrist who will examine the condition of your child’s feet. From assessing their movements to the shape and structure of their feet, the podiatrist will help draw up a custom solution to optimise your child’s foot health in effort to prevent foot pain and issues.

An annual foot health check for kids is seen as a preventative measure on top of maintaining healthy feet. By staying on top of your child’s foot health, you can save time, money, pain and frustration that comes with foot injury rehabilitation as a result of late discovery.

A detailed dermatological skin and toenail check is carried out by the podiatrist as these may reveal an underlying medical issue. A footwear assessment is also conducted where the podiatrist will make recommendations for maximum comfort and support based on your child’s feet type.

If your child already wear orthotics, the podiatrist will provide an update as to whether your child’s orthotic footwear is giving them the support they need.Other assessments include a vascular assessment which looks into your child’s lower limb blood flow and circulation, a biomechanical assessment which looks into the way your child’s joints and muscles move as they stand, walk and run.

During your child’s foot health assessment, your child’s health and wellbeing goals are established whereby foot health care advice will be given based on their lifestyle, activities, and foot type. If your child has private health insurance that covers podiatry, an annual foot health check will help you get the most out of their fund and avoid unused rebates expiring at the end of the year.

What to Expect During Your Child’s Foot Health Appointment

Podiatry Gold Coast


One of our expert Gold Coast podiatrists will review both your child’s personal and medical history as well as your current activity levels.

Podiatrist Gold Coast


Your podiatrist will carry out a footwear assessment, as well as any orthotic footwear or prescribed devices.

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A detailed dermatological examination of your child’s skin and toenails is carried out to identify any underlying medical conditions.

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Your podiatrist will analyse the joint and muscle movement as your child sits, stands and walks.

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An analysis into the blood flow and circulation of your child’s lower limbs will help the podiatrist diagnose and monitor Peripheral Vascular Disease (PVD).

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You will receive a custom treatment plan on caring for your child’s feet and lower limbs, to optimise overall health and prevent future pain and injury.

The appointment takes 45 minutes.

Normally $140 but Book Now at Only $95

Podiatrist Gold Coast
Podiatrist Gold Coast

How to Know if Your Child Needs a Foot Assessment?

One thing to remember when it comes to a child’s foot health is that it isn’t normal for kids to complain about foot, leg, or knee pain. 

Things to look out for include:

These can be indications of a foot health issue that needs to be assessed and addressed. Untreated medical issues can result in permanent conditions.