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What to expect from your Initial Nutrition Consultation?

July 12, 2019

Kasey is a qualified (Bachelor of Health Science, Nutrition) Nutritionist who understands that everyone is different and applies this to her food and healthcare advice. In the initial consultation Kasey will go through: Medical History Personal History Goals Measurements – weight, waist circumference, blood pressure General food and lifestyle advice based on your current eating…

What to expect during a Diabetic Foot Assessment?

July 12, 2019

Medical History We require the following information: Your medical history Your current medications Diabetic history and control Surgical history Specific lower limb issues Your most recent blood test results including your HbA1c levels self-testing blood glucose levels cholesterol kidney function and blood pressure. Bringing all this information with you to the assessment consultation helps us…

Diabetes and Carbohydrates – The Basics

July 12, 2019

Carbohydrate foods play an important role in our diet. They are the best energy source for your body, especially your brain. When carbohydrates are digested, they break down to form glucose in the bloodstream. Insulin takes the glucose out of the blood and puts it into the muscles, liver and other cells in the body…


Diabetic Friendly Recipes – Beef and Vegetable “Lasagne” 

July 12, 2019

  Eating with diabetes doesn’t have to be boring or bland. There are many yummy recipes that will provide a healthy and balanced meal that will not spike your blood sugar. A few things to keep in mind when choosing meals: Keep the carbohydrates low (under 20g if possible) Choose low glycemic index carbohydrates Include…

ProMed Diabetes Foot Care

Diabetes and Foot Care

July 2, 2019

  With Diabetes Week 2019 just around the corner we wanted to focus on foot care for those with Diabetes. At ProMed we work with clients living with Diabetes on a daily basis, and we wanted to highlight our key tips to keeping safe. We also focus on some warning signs and risks to be…

Does Winter Make You SAD?

June 12, 2019

Winter makes me sad! I feel less motivated, more fatigued and sometimes it even makes me angry – why are you so cold! Where is the sun?! There are many people that are affected by the seasons and in fact it even has a name – Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). SAD is a type of…

Foot Love: Five ways you can keep your feet in tip top shape

May 11, 2019

Too many times, our feet just get neglected. We at ProMed think it’s about time everyone learned how to give their tootsies some real love. Remember, without healthy feet – life would be pretty miserable. Let’s look at five different ways you can keep your feet in tip top shape Look after your nails If…

Recipe: Maple Roast Pork and Veg!

May 8, 2019

Treat mum to a delicious roast lunch or dinner this Mother’s Day! Recipe from: Ingredients: 2kg easy carve pork leg roast, scored at 1 cm intervals 1/3 cup olive oil 3 tsp. sea salt 1/4 cup maple syrup 1 tbsp. Dijon mustard 1 garlic clove, crushed 250g sweet potato, peeled, cut into large chunks 250g…

How to Lose Weight without Compromising on your Favourite Foods

May 8, 2019

Written by Kasey Boorman (Bachelor of Health Science, Nutrition) When trying to lose weight, sometimes it is not WHAT we eat but HOW MUCH we eat. You will lose weight by simply reducing the portion size of your meals without changing the content of the meal itself. What is a serve? Here are some examples:…

Children’s Feet – One Pair to last a lifetime

May 8, 2019

Article written by Sarah Youngson, ProMed Podiatrist Being a mother myself I am more aware of the never-ending concern over my child’s development and progress and overall health. As my son has recently been learning to walk, run, jump and climb in the last few months, I have now begun the endless cycle of new…