Oedema Management

Relief from swelling of the legs

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What is Oedema?

Oedema is the medical term for swelling. Many people suffer oedema in their legs and it is important to firstly identify why the oedema is present but also to reduce and manage it. Long term oedema in the legs can lead to other issues including skin reactions, ulceration and additional pressure on the vascular system.

There are two forms of oedema.

  • Pitting Oedema is when after pressing on the affected skin, an indentation remains after the source of pressure has been removed. (For example if you press gently on oedematous skin with your finger, then stop doing so, you can still see and feel the finger-shaped dent left behind.)
  • Non-pitting oedema is where the affected skin bounces back to its normal state after the source of pressure has been removed. This commonly occurs in conditions such as lymphoedema, myxoedema and lipoedema.

What can cause Oedema?

Pitting oedema

This oedema can be caused by the following:

  • Immobility
  • Varicose veins
  • Obesity
  • Cardiac issues such as heart failure
  • Drugs such as some hypertension medications, calcium antagonists, non-steroidal anti-inflammatories, prolonged steroid therapy and insulin
  • Pancreatic issues
  • Kidney disease:
  • Gastrointestinal – Chrohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis,
  • Obstructive sleep apnoea:
  • Pregnancy:
  • DVT (Blood clot)

Non-pitting lower limb oedema

  • Hypothyroidism
  • Lymphoedema:
  • Lipoedema.
  • Allergies

How Can ProMed Podiatry help in the management of Oedema?

As you can see from the extensive list of causes, to manage oedema we must take into consideration the cause. It requires management through a multidisciplinary team. At ProMed, we work alongside your GP and specialist to assist in the management of your oedema.

At ProMed we are able to provide multiple treatment options which include:

  • Lymphatic massage
  • Compression bandaging
  • Compression stockings
  • Intermittent pneumonic compression therapy

Please contact our friendly staff for to book an appointment for an oedema assessment and treatment on 07 5522 1230 or book online.