Cracked Heels

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What are Cracked Heels?

Cracked heels are where the skin splits and is most commonly seen around the heels of the feet. It is more common in summer when people wear sandals, thongs or are barefoot. Also, certain medical conditions and medications can have an impact on skin dryness which increase the likelihood of cracked heels.

What causes Cracked Heels?

When the skin around the heel becomes dry, it loses its suppleness and elasticity, and often begins to split. This condition is commonly associated with heel calluses. The cracks in the heel can become painful depending on their severity, and may bleed and become infected.

How can ProMed treat cracked heels?

Treatment of cracked heels at ProMed involves:

  • Assessing your medical and medication history
  • Assessing your footwear
  • Assessing your activities
  • Debriding the hard skin around the heels
  • Advice on appropriate footwear
  • Advice on the use of urea based emollients

Please call our friendly staff to book an appointment for your cracked heel and skin assessment and treatment on 07 5522 1230 or Book Online.