Children’s Foot Conditions

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Children’s Foot Conditions

ProMed Podiatry knows how important it is for feet to develop correctly as the earlier an intervention is implemented, the better the chance of success.

Whether a parent is seeking a general check-up for peace of mind, or would like us to investigate a particular concern, our podiatrists will provide the right advice and the best management for their child’s feet.

ProMed Podiatry provides a complete range of services for children of all ages, and tailored to the individual child.

Our Pediatric Podiatry Services include:

General foot checks

Assessment, treatment and advice on the following children’s conditions:

  • Foot, ankle, shin, knee and toe pain
  • Injury rehabilitation and prevention
  • Ingrown and fungal nails
  • Severs disease
  • Osgood Schlatter’s disease
  • Warts
  • Digital deformities e.g. webtoes, overlapping toes

Problems with walking including:

  • Slow to start children
  • Toe walkers
  • Pigeon toeing
  • Club foot (congenital talipes equinovarus)
  • Metatarsus adductus
  • Flatfoot (calcaneovalgus)

Diagnosis and Management of lower limb complications of Childhood conditions including:

  • Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis
  • Down syndrome
  • Child onset Diabetes (education and preventative care)

A check up with a Podiatrist at ProMed is recommended if:

  • You notice uneven shoe wear
  • You notice skin rashes, hard skin lumps or bumps on your child’s feet
  • Your child complains of recurrent pain in the feet or legs which also increases with activity
  • Your child walks on their tip toes
  • Your child’s walk does not look symmetrical
  • You have any other concerns about your child’s feet

Please call our friendly staff to book an appointment for your Child’s Foot Assessment on 07 5522 1230 or Book Online.