Corns and Callus

Pressure relief, Pain relief

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What are Calluses and Corns?

Calluses and corns are a result of continuous pressure in one particular area. The body responds to the pressure by producing thickened areas of hard skin. If the cause of the pressure is not addressed, the corn and callus can become very painful.

Corn and Callus are an early warning sign of issues, including:

  • Inappropriate or ill-fitting footwear
  • Lack of footwear
  • Abnormalities or deformities in your bone structure
  • Abnormalities with the way you walk
  • Limb length difference

How do we treat Corns and Callus?

At ProMed we are able to effectively and painlessly remove and resolve painful corns and callus. Our treatment includes:


It is important that you never cut corns or calluses yourself. In the warm, moist confines of enclosed shoes, infection can easily develop and small cuts can quickly become serious wounds.

Over the counter remedies such as corn ointments or plasters generally only treat the symptoms not the actual problem and its cause. Also, they can easily damage the healthy skin surrounding the corn if not used properly.

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