Heel Pain

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What causes Heel Pain?

Heel pain is a common presentation to our clinic. There are many conditions that can cause heel pain but the most common condition is called plantarfasciitis. Heel pain can be debilitating and effect not only your work activities but also your personal and sporting activities. If left untreated, this condition can progress to more severe inflammatory conditions and become harder to treat.

Symptoms of Plantar Fasciitis

  • Sharp pain and discomfort in either the arch or heel
  • Pain is often worse upon rising from rest (especially first step in the morning)
  • Pain can progress to agony by the end of the day

Following a thorough history taking and physical examination our skilled podiatrists can diagnose this and other causes of heel pain and suggest management options which will reduce pain and risk of recurrence.

Why is it important to see a Podiatrist?

The information gained from our thorough assessment and examination helps our Podiatrists to:

  • Diagnose and treat the cause of pain
  • Provide specific treatment for the condition
  • Reduce recovery time from injury
  • Reduce risk of future injury

At ProMed, we take a wholistic approach, meaning, not only do we want to resolve your pain but we want to assist you in returning to your chosen activities. We use multiple treatment techniques as well as design individually tailored home therapies program to reduce your pain and have you back to your activities as soon as possible.

What treatments do ProMed Podiatry use?

Treatment methods used in our clinic include:

  • Electrotherapy including interferential, TENS and therapeutic ultrasound
  • Dry needling
  • Mobilisation
  • Strapping / taping
  • Deep tissue and trigger point massage
  • Ice and heat therapies
  • Individually designed stretching and strengthening programs
  • Footwear advice and prescription
  • Orthotics (if required)
  • Deflective and protective devices (pre-made and custom-made)
  • Activity modification and reintegration.
  • Home therapy programs

Please call our friendly staff to book an appointment for heel pain on 07 5522 1230 or book online.