Nail Bracing

Ingrown toenail relief without surgery

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What is nail bracing?

Nail bracing is a pain free alternative for people who suffer from ingrown toenails, curly toenails and corns beneath their nails. It works by using a customised bracing device to gradually help straighten the nail.

Who can have nail bracing?

Anyone with problem nails can have nail bracing done. It is particularly good for those who cannot have surgery for different medical or personal reasons, do not tolerate pain well, or who have long standing problem nails.

How is the brace applied?

Your podiatrist will select the most suitable brace for your toenail shape and type. It is then customised to the shape of your nail.

There are 3 types of braces:

  • Podofix. This brace is used if the soft tissue surrounding the nail is inflamed or compact where the option of hooking the brace under the nail is inaccessible. This is a preliminary brace that starts the process of straightening the nail until the sides of the nail are accessible. This is a painless procedure.
  • Combiped. This brace is designed to apply pressure through a spring-loaded system and focuses on a single side of the nail. This is used in cases where only one side of the nail is curved. A thin wire painlessly hooks onto the affected edge of your nail and is secured to the top of your nail.
  • 3T0. This brace is designed to apply a traction based pressure and is customised to straighten both sides of a nail. A thin wire painlessly hooks onto the edges of your nail and is secured to the top of your nail.

How long does it take for nail bracing to work?

Nail braces work by gradually increasing force to the nail over time. It typically takes between 6 and 12 months for the nail shape to be corrected. For the optimal outcome, reapplication of the brace is required every 6 weeks.

Are there any special care instructions?

Generally, once the brace is applied you can go about your daily routine and not worry about it. However, if you play soccer or football there is an increased chance that the brace may fall off.

Occasionally, a nail brace may come off between scheduled appointments. We encourage you to return to the clinic for another brace to be fitted. This refitting is included in the bracing cost as it is a rare occurrence.

Please contact our friendly staff for to book an appointment for a nail bracing assessment on 07 5522 1230 or book online.