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What are Ingrown Toenails?

An ingrown toenail occurs when a piece of the nail pierces and cuts through surrounding skin and begins growing into it, producing pain, swelling, redness and sometimes bleeding. Ingrown toenails are extremely common, and can occur in anyone, at any age.

What does an Ingrown Toenail Look & Feel Like

Ingrown toenails can appear red and swollen, or only mildly irritated, depending on which stage the nail is at, so symptoms can vary greatly. Ingrown toenails start as a mild discomfort, worsening over time as the nail digs in. One or both toes can be affected, and one or both sides of the nail may be ingrown. You may have an ingrown toenail if:

  • The skin surrounding the nail is red, swollen or tender
  • You feel pain in the toe which is worsened when you touch it
  • The toe may bleed or there may be yellow/white/clear discharge
  • It’s painful to wear (tight) shoes because of the pressure on your toe
  • Even the pressure from bed sheets feels like daggers or causes an ache/throb

What causes an Ingrown Toenail?

  • Having a poor nail cutting technique
  • Cutting down the sides of toenails
  • Pulling off the nails instead of cutting them properly
  • Toe deformities (bunions or claw toes) that push toes against one another
  • Abnormal nail shape (involuted nails) – this can be hereditary
  • Trauma (sports involving kicking and toenail impact)
  • Poorly fitting footwear – especially tight footwear that has a narrow toe box
  • Sweaty feet that lead to fragile and soft skin

How can Ingrown Toenails be treated?

-We fix Ingrown Toenails in two key ways
– surgical and non-surgical
Both options can be done in our clinic within an hour!

Our highly trained Podiatrists will assess the nail, determine the cause, and provide skilled treatment tailored to your condition.

Treatment options include


Nail Spike Removal and Nail Shaping

The Podiatrist uses a special podiatric tool to trim off the small corner of the nail which is ingrown, relieving pressure and pain immediately. This procedure is not usually painful and does not require anaesthetic. However, it is not guaranteed to be a permanent fix as the portion of the nail can regrow.

Nail Bracing

This is a pain-free, non-surgical system used worldwide. It works by manually changing the growth pattern of the nail with a customised bracing device. This transparent device will gradually encourage the edges to lift upwards. For the optimal outcome, reapplication of the brace is required every 6 weeks.

Surgery – The Permanent Solution

This minor nail surgical procedure is offered for patients who suffer from recurrent ingrown nails, and is suitable for both children and adults. It involves the removal of a small part of the nail’s side, followed by applying a chemical that prevents that small section of the nail from regrowing.

Ingrown Toenails Don’t Go Away On Their Own

Ingrown toenails are frustrating, painful and can quickly stop you from walking comfortably or doing the things you love. The only way to treat the ingrown nail is to remove this piece of nail quickly, carefully and effectively.

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