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Bunion Blues – You’re Not Alone

October 25, 2017

Guess who’s Bunion? As you can see many people suffer from bunions – famous or not. They can be unsightly, frustrating to fit into footwear but most importantly they can be painful and debilitating preventing you from doing what you want to do. So, what are bunions, what causes bunions and what treatments are available?…

Nail Polish: Naughty or Nice?

October 25, 2017

Well ladies, it is that time of year to celebrate the spring season with a flurry of colour including nail polish. But do you really know what damage nail polish can have on the health of your nails? Traditional nail polish, shellac and gel nails have many nasty chemicals that can cause long term damage…

The Importance of Exercise for Diabetes Patients

September 25, 2017

More than half of Australians do not meet physical activity guidelines. These statistics are alarming when there is no denying the vital role lifestyle modification like increasing physical activity levels has in the prevention and management in pre-diabetes and Type 2 diabetes (T2DM). Benefits of Exercise Regular exercise improves glycaemic control, body composition, cardiorespiratory fitness,…

Knowledge is Power When it Comes to Diabetes

September 18, 2017

I just finished reading an interesting article on limb salvage procedures reducing amputation rates in diabetes patients written by Dr Ramon Varcoe, a leading vascular surgeon at Sydney’s The Prince of Wales Hospital. Currently more than 4,400 diabetes-related amputations are performed at Australian Hospitals every year. Dr Varcoe states that 85% of these are preventable…

Diabetes Management with Raechel Farquharson, Senior Podiatrist at ProMed Podiatry

September 11, 2017

With over 18 years experience in practicing podiatry and a special interest in diabetes management, ProMed Podiatry Senior Podiatrist Raechel Farquharson talks about her approach to diabetes management and offers some advice for those living with diabetes. What is your experience with treating people with Diabetes? I have been a Podiatrist for 18 years and have…

Falls Prevention – How can Podiatry help?

August 25, 2017

Did you know that the most common reason for admission to hospital in people aged 65 or over is due to falls related injuries? Every day 133 older Queenslanders have a fall requiring medical attention, even though falls are mostly preventable. That statistic is unbelievable and sadly it is a common story I hear daily…

Are Shoes to blame for Falls?

August 24, 2017

Falls are the primary reason for admission to hospital in people aged 65 years and over. In fact, one in three older people over 65 in the community will have a fall this year. A fall can have a huge impact on your ability to stay independent for longer, and can result in impaired mobility,…

Senior’s Foot Health – The Reality of the Aging Foot

August 21, 2017

Commonly, patients comment to me that they never think about their feet until something goes wrong with them. Many people believe its normal for their feet to hurt. As our feet grow older, they naturally become at risk of problems but painful and uncomfortable feet are not something you have to put up with. A…

What to expect at your first podiatry consultation

June 16, 2016

At ProMed Podiatry we pride ourselves on delivering a personalised service to each of our patients that provides benefits for their foot and lower limb health. Your initial consultation is booked for 30 minutes with one of our Podiatrists.  This allows plenty of time to gain a detailed understanding of your needs and to assess your…