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Archive for October 2017

Painful Ingrown nails? Simple Pain Free Treatment

Ingrown toenails and painful toenails are a common occurrence. Traditionally, Podiatrists were only able to offer 2 types of treatment: Shaping the nail requiring you to attend regularly to avoid recurrence of the ingrown nail, or Nail surgery requiring a local anaesthetic and permanent removal of the offending portion of the nail. Even though both…

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Diabetes Foot Ulcer Conference – Gold Coast 2017

The ProMed Podiatry Team just attended the Diabetes Foot Ulcer Conference which was held in our beautiful city of the Gold Coast. The conference attendees included Vascular Specialists, Nurses, Wound Care Specialists and of course Podiatrists. It was an amazing conference that discussed the latest statistics, research, treatments and technologies to assist people suffering from…

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Bunion Blues – You’re Not Alone

Guess who’s Bunion? As you can see many people suffer from bunions – famous or not. They can be unsightly, frustrating to fit into footwear but most importantly they can be painful and debilitating preventing you from doing what you want to do. So, what are bunions, what causes bunions and what treatments are available?…

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Nail Polish: Naughty or Nice?

Well ladies, it is that time of year to celebrate the spring season with a flurry of colour including nail polish. But do you really know what damage nail polish can have on the health of your nails? Traditional nail polish, shellac and gel nails have many nasty chemicals that can cause long term damage…

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