The ProMed Podiatry Team just attended the Diabetes Foot Ulcer Conference which was held in our beautiful city of the Gold Coast. The conference attendees included Vascular Specialists, Nurses, Wound Care Specialists and of course Podiatrists. It was an amazing conference that discussed the latest statistics, research, treatments and technologies to assist people suffering from a diabetic foot ulcer.

The current world statistics on diabetes and its complications are frightening:

  • 422 million people worldwide have been diagnosed with diabetes
  • Up to 10% (that is 1 in 4 people) have a diabetic foot ulcer
  • 83% of those people with an ulcer have had a major amputation
  • 96% of those people with an ulcer have had a minor amputation
  • 55% of people with diabetes will have a 2nd amputation within 3 years of their 1st amputation
  • 25% of people with diabetes will develop a foot ulcer
  • A lower limb is lost every 20 seconds worldwide
  • There is a 66% chance of an ulcer recurring
  • Diabetic Foot Ulcer has a higher mortality rate than most cancers.

(Statistics are from the World Health Organisation)

Every time I hear these shocking statistics I wonder why governments across the world are not funding more programs to educate and prevent this mostly preventable disease.

On a more positive note, the conference did shed light on several interesting new advances in wound care across several areas including:

  • Holistic approaches to diabetes care
  • Assessment of the wound including neurological and vascular reviews
  • Pressure offloading including medical boots, total contact casting, orthotics and footwear
  • Debridement of the wound
  • Infection assessment and management
  • Team approach required for successful management of the diabetic foot ulcer.

The team required for the successful management of the diabetic foot ulcer include:

  • GP
  • Endocrinologist
  • Vascular specialist
  • Diabetes Educator
  • Dietician, and a
  • Podiatrist

This conference emphasised the important role a Podiatrist plays in the management of the diabetic foot ulcer. Podiatrists play a key role and would most likely be reviewing the person more frequently than the other team members. This gives Podiatrists a unique ability to assist these peoples in not only the medical management of the ulcer but also to build a rapport to support them through a difficult and long process. A diabetic foot ulcer can impact greatly on a person’s activities, lifestyle and family. A Podiatrist can provide support during this emotional and challenging time.

At ProMed Podiatry Clinic, we have over 20 years’ experience assisting people suffering from Diabetes Foot Ulcers. We are dedicated to supporting our clients, providing the latest evidence-based treatments and providing continual education to achieve resolution of the ulcer. We work alongside your medical team to achieve a unified focused strategy.

At ProMed Podiatry Clinic our ulcer management involves:


If you are concerned about a current wound or are motivated to prevent an ulcer please contact our friendly staff today to book an appointment for your assessment on 07 5522 1230 or Book Online.

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