ProMed initially started as a physiotherapy clinic in 1998 with Sherril Farquharson. Previously Sherril owned 2 Physiotherapy clinics in Sydney for over 20 years. In 2002, Sherril’s daughter Raechel joined the ProMed team adding Podiatry services to the clinic and the business became known as ProMed Physiotherapy & Podiatry Clinic.

As a family business they were focused on improving the health of each of their clients and their families. “The impact of pain and dysfunction on a person in both their working and personal lives can be significant. Our goal has always been to improve our client’s health with a wholistic and individual approach” says Raechel. “Having the influence of both Physiotherapy and Podiatry services allows us to provide a unique and personalised approach to assessing every client as well as providing a multitude of therapies to achieve a successful outcome”.

Due to illness, Sherril had to retire from Physiotherapy in late 2014 but is still an active part of ProMed and leaves a legacy of care, compassion and a passion for health. She keeps a keen interest in her previous clients’ health and personal achievements. “To this day I miss all my clients and smile when I hear they are doing well and feeling healthy” says Sherril.

Since 2014, ProMed’s name changed to ProMed Podiatry Clinic. ProMed now dedicates itself to caring for the foot, ankle and lower limb health of the Gold Coast. “We provide an elite service, incorporating both Physiotherapy and Podiatry techniques with the latest technology and evidence- based research” reports Raechel.

“The most common question I get asked is Why did you choose to be a Podiatrist? Being a health care professional is a passion and a life calling. The ProMed Team all have a passion for their profession and are focused on achieving positive outcomes for each of our valued client’s. I get so excited when a client comes in reporting they are pain free or they have been able to achieve their goal whether that is walking, hiking, travelling or running a marathon. Seeing a person’s face light up is unbelievably rewarding. I also love when I see multiple generations and members of the one family. I feel honoured to be trusted with the care of our clients loved one’s and to be considered their families Podiatrist.”

“We would like to thank the Gold Coast for choosing ProMed to care for their foot health.”

During 2018 ProMed will be running special promotions to celebrate, so keep your eyes on the upcoming emails and help to celebrate an amazing milestone – Happy 20th Anniversary ProMed!

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