If you have plantar fasciitis, you know that the pain it can cause is no joke! It’s one of the most common foot health conditions, affecting 1 in 10 people of all activity levels. The good news is that many at-home treatments can help reduce or even eliminate your plantar fasciitis pain. For some people, using compression socks is an effective option.

How to choose the right sock

Anecdotal evidence indicates that many people with plantar fasciitis find they get significant relief from mild or moderate compression footwear. Even so, you may have to experiment to see which type works best for you. When deciding on the best sock or sleeve for you, the first thing to consider is the amount of pressure you want against your heel. These socks come in one of four compression levels. Here are questions to ask and measurements to look for when choosing your compression socks. If you’re buying compression socks for plantar fasciitis pain, you may prefer ankle socks or sleeves rather than knee-highs, which compress the calf as well as the foot.

Who should not wear compression socks?

Most orthotic compression socks are suitable for everyone – they provide support and compression to the plantar fascia. However, compression socks can have adverse effects if you have ischemia. Before self-prescribing compression socks, be sure to check with your podiatrist about which sock is right for you.

What size do I need?

To get the most benefit from compression socks and sleeves for plantar fasciitis, you must also pay attention to sizing. Socks that are too tight may do more harm than good. Socks that are too loose won’t provide any benefit. Make sure you follow the available sizing charts closely to ensure your sock is appropriate for your foot.

Will the socks wear comfortably in my shoes?

You can wear your orthotic compression socks during athletic activity and long periods of standing. Other things to consider are the sturdiness of the stitching, thickness of the sock, and sweat-wicking ability. 

What are the best compression socks for me?

Everyone will likely want something different from their compression socks. For treatment of a medical condition, you’ll likely benefit from a discussion with your podiatrist. For everyday pain relief and plantar fasciitis alleviation, you may benefit from one of many great compression socks. Here are our top 4 picks, and how to identify the right compression sock for you:

1. On your feet all day? Try the FS-4 Plantar Fasciitis Compression Socks (Crew or No-show)

Wearing the FS4TM PF socks during runs or sports activity will aid in preventing plantar fasciitis symptom onset and act as an overall foot health and performance aid. With precisely targeted compression levels, it’s designed for proper foot support and injury prevention. 

2. Love sports? Try the FS-6 Sports Compression Foot Sleeve

This sock is incredibly effective at relieving the pain of Plantar Fasciitis, chronic arch and heel pain, and swelling in the foot. Compression Zone Technology knit into this amazing foot sleeve provides medical grade orthopaedic support to the foot structure and the Achilles tendon. Graduated compression improves circulation and reduces swelling, all in an ultra-comfortable moisture-wicking foot sleeve that can be worn under socks and inside shoes. 

3. Sensitive feet, joint pain, diabetes? Try the WP-4 Wellness Performance Sock (Crew or No-show)

This sock features a unique Base Layer Bracing system for medical-grade athletic support. It delivers targeted compression to the muscles and joints for a variety of performance and health benefits: help to relieve pain from muscle stiffness and soreness, reduce the time for muscle recovery, improve venous return and oxygenation. This sock is suited to conditions including diabetes, oedema, neuropathy, sensitive feet and poor circulation.

4. Sore, tired feet? Try the Physipod Circulation Socks

PhysiPod Circulation Socks are recommended for those with diabetes, and feet prone to swelling or circulation problems. They have been manufactured using the highest quality natural cotton, to ensure comfort, breathability, durability, and absorbency. When distal blood flow is compromised, the PhysiPod sock is designed to not restrict blood flow any further. 

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