Do you suffer from back, leg or foot pain?

ProMed can offer relief!

Over the years I have seen many people who are unnecessarily suffering from lower limb pain. Pain can be from many reasons such as injury or trauma but many times it is often related to poor foot posture and poor foot function.

At ProMed we approach pain from a holistic perspective and ask critical questions to develop an individualised strategic treatment plan that suits your lifestyle. We will look at:

  • What is causing/caused the issue?
  • What other factors are contributing to the issue? This could be things such as activities, footwear, posture or foot mechanics.

We perform a biomechanical treatment, gait analysis, walking/running assessment and footwear assessment.  These assessments assist us in determining what factors are contributing to the issue.

Our staged approach is unique and critical to the success in treating your pain.

  1. We focus on reducing the current inflammation
  2. We address the contributing factors
  3. We devise a home therapy program which is revised throughout your progress
  4. We provide a full rehabilitation program and education to prevent reoccurrence of the issue.

If pain is troubling you then your new year’s resolution should be to call ProMed on 075522 1230. Let us help you live a happy, active and pain free life.

Orthotics gold coast

Orthotics, also called arch supports or inserts, are used for many reasons. The most common is to alleviate foot, lower limb and back pain. Did you know that orthotics can be a very powerful way to change the way that we walk, correct deformities and keep joints in alignment?

Custom orthotics are very different from the shoe inserts available in stores and chemists.

The Benefits of Custom Orthotics Include:

1. Foot Support Exactly Where You Need It

Every person’s feet are different and are even different between the left and right foot. Feet are very complex – each foot has 26 bones and more than 100 muscles, not to mention tendons, ligaments, blood vessels and nerves.  All day, every day, your feet support and balance your body weight often in worn out or ill-fitting shoes.

Custom orthotics provide individualised support or prevent foot pain precisely where it is needed. A solid foundation benefits your alignment and movement from the ground up.

2. Pain Relief and Prevention

Custom orthotics can protect you against:

  • Corns
  • Callous
  • Foot ulcers
  • Prevent injury
  • Improve posture
  • Improve balance
  • Improve foot function

All of which mean less foot pain. Your feet aren’t supposed to hurt!

Orthotics prescribed by your skilled ProMed Podiatrist address the cause of your foot pain so you can feel more comfortable.

3. Correction of Foot Abnormalities

Unlike generic insoles, custom prescribed orthotics can correct foot abnormalities like pronation (collapsed arches) and supination (high arches). Even if one foot is different to the other custom orthotics are individually designed to target your specific foot needs.

4. Better Health

When your feet feel great – you feel great. If your foot or leg pain is keeping you from living an active and healthy lifestyle, custom orthotics can have a positive cascade on your whole health.

Will your Feet Benefit from Custom Orthotics?

It all starts with getting to the bottom of your foot pain. During your assessment, our experienced podiatrist will listen to your symptoms, assess your feet and walking style as well as footwear, and answer your questions.  They will then design an individually tailored treatment plan and if required design an orthotic customised to your specific needs.

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