Want to know how to best care for your feet? Here’s how you can show your feet some love, which can also benefit your overall health!

TIP ONE : Nail self-care

Let’s talk toenails ……. Not the most delightful topic, but oh so important when it comes to looking after your foot health! Did you know that a fungal nail infection happens when the nail becomes discoloured, thickened and brittle? Here’s how to minimise your chances of this happening.

Do …..

Ø Wash and dry your feet thoroughly

Ø Wear flip flops / thongs in public showers or pool areas

Ø Dry your socks in the sunlight as UV is a natural fungus killer

Ø Consider adding tea tree oil to your moisturiser, in your next load of sock washing, or even a diluted tea tree spray on your feet to help reduce the risk of a fungal infection. We recommended the Thursday plantation tea tree foot spray which is great on the skin as well as spraying into shoes for treatment and prevention of fungal infections.


Ø Go barefoot in public showers or pool areas

Ø Wear same socks two days in a row

Ø Dry your socks inside outside of the sunlight

Ø Share shoes!

TIP TWO : If the shoe fits

Correctly fitted shoes can make a big difference to your foot health. In fact, up to twice your bodyweight in force is applied through your feet and legs with every step. And did you know that your longest toe may not necessarily be your big toe? Bear this in mind when being fitted for shoes.

Do …..

Ø Make sure that there is about 1.5cm (thumb width) of space between your longest toe and the end of the shoe.

Ø Test your shoes on a range of surfaces to see how they feel.

Ø Check that the widest part of the shoe sits where the ball of your foot is.

Don’t …..

Ø Underestimate comfort, as evidence shows that shoe comfort can help reduce the risk of injury.

Ø Ignore any pain signals. If you have pain in your feet, see your Podiatrist.

Ø Forget to check that your shoes bend to keep you comfortable.

TIP THREE: The Pain Chain

Pain can be a subjective experience; yet no matter how it is packaged it shouldn’t be ignored. To avoid pain, it is important to have shoes that fit well and are comfortable, since pain in your feet can trigger a ‘chain effect’ of pain elsewhere such as in your hips or knees.

Do ……

Ø Rest tired feet and legs, particularly if you stand for long periods of time.

Ø Explore what triggers any foot pain an make a note of this for your Podiatrist.

Ø Consider applying ice packs to area of swelling or inflammation

Don’t ……

Ø Ignore pain, since it is usually your body’s way of letting you know something needs investigation.

Ø Assume hip and knee pain is not connected to your feet or the way you walk.

Ø Believe all pain is ‘bad’, your Podiatrist may advise you to safely work through your foot pain.

If you have any concerns regarding your foot health, please contact our friendly team on 07 5522 1230 to arrange an assessment or book online here. Fit Feet means a healthier you!

Raechel Farquharson


Adapted from Foot Health Australia Magazine Issue 1 2020

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