“My feet are getting further away” – this is one of the most common statements I hear in the clinic.

How we look after our feet in between visits is important for our foot health.
If we are expecting them to get us from A to B without too much trouble, then foot health and hygiene is so important.
We can get infections from the smallest crack in our heels and feet not to mention some of those can really hurt. Built up debris in between our toes can cause foot odour and fungal infections that can be contagious.
Changing socks daily is also essential – even if you think they are still clean as you haven’t done too much walking – THEY ARE NOT!!!!!! Please change them daily.

Handy Home Foot Care Suggestions:
• Foot soak in a bucket / foot spa with Magnesium Flakes for 10-15 min in warm water
• Use a loofer mitt or long handled brush to gently exfoliate – loosen dry flaky skin from feet and lower legs
• A nail brush will also come in handy for clearing the skin around our toes
• Once the soak is finished its time for drying. This can sometimes be very difficult as reaching the feet can be difficult. My handy hint for drying and clearing between toes is to use a thin long wipes such as a Chux (kitchen wipe) that can be cut into long stripes. This is perfect for drying and moving the skin and built up debris from between your toes. This can reduce the maceration that can occur between toes when we don’t dry properly that can lead to Tinea Pedis.
• And lastly is the moisturising – I hear you all grumble – But I can’t stress enough how important this is. We might get some cream on our body but neglect getting all the way down to our feet and heels

Urea* based creams are the most effective for our feet and helps heal up those nasty cracks we can get. If you have trouble reaching your feet, then I would suggest asking someone to help (family member / grand kids / friend- maybe not the postman or the delivery people!). We like to use Walkers 15 and 25 or Luxe 30 at our clinic.

If you cant reach then using a long handled spoon can be used to spread the cream on heels and feet- It wont get rubbed in properly so just sit for a few minutes to let as much get absorbed before gently patting the excess off with a foot towel that is placed on the floor.
Alternatively, a paint tray can have a good result as you rub your feet in the tray with the moisturiser in it (preferably one that is clean and no paint -these can be purchased at hardware stores and variety discount stores) – wait a few minutes to let it absorb and pat the excess cream off with a foot towel – we don’t want you slipping!

Don’t wreck all your good work by going bare feet. These clean and hydrated feet are now ready for some clean socks and shoes.

Wishing your Feet all the happiness they deserve.

Janine Frampton (Podiatrist)

* Urea is a natural moisturising factor in our skin along with lactic acid and amino acids: these are depleted in dry skin. Topical preparations applied help reduce water loss in skin and creating a hydration effect and it softens the thicker hard layers of skin- this is then more easily removed at your podiatry visit.

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