Well ….. I wish I was 21 again.

I am celebrating my 21st year as a Podiatrist. The years have flown by! It is a great opportunity to reflect on what I have learned, the people I have helped and where to from here.

What inspired you to become a Podiatrist?

Let’s start by saying – NO – I DO NOT HAVE A FOOT FETISH!

When I was a kid and someone would ask me – “What do you want to do when you are older?” I would always answer “ I want to be a doctor so I can help people”. Growing up I had the privilege of working with my mum in her physio clinics. I learnt so much and loved how the allied health professions could help people with such a hands-on approach. Initially, I thought I would like to be a physio but my Mum kept talking about Podiatry. She felt it was a much needed profession and that I would be able to help a lot of people with foot issues. I was accepted into the university course and the rest is history. I love the profession and have the absolute privilege of meeting and helping amazing people get back on their feet to live happy and healthy lives!

What changes have you seen in the Podiatry Profession?

Like everything, with time things become more advanced. Since I began in the podiatry profession in 2000 the technological changes and advancements made in treatment techniques and footwear have been extraordinary. Most significantly is the increase in our scope of practice. Most people do not realise the amazing depth of knowledge and skills that we can use to assist people’s pain and function. Each year I look forward to seeing what new techniques and improved research we can learn to improve our patients lives. It is very exciting!

What do you enjoy most about being a Podiatrist?

I love when people walk in with pain and walk out pain-free. Mind you – this doesn’t happen with every issue, but it is so satisfying when you can provide such quick relief. In saying that, I also love working with people who have had such a long history of pain and achieving outcomes in pain reduction and improved function and mobility. To see someone who has not been able to participate in activities for lengthy periods and resume walking is priceless.

What do you enjoy about being a Podiatrist at ProMed?

Everything. I love the amazing, dedicated team I work with. I love meeting and treating every person who walks through the door. Everyday, I am able to help a person get back on their feet and enjoy life. I especially love when patients talk about me as “their Podiatrist”. I love being the person that can help and support their foot health.

Word of mouth referrals are the best gift from a client. When a client recommends us to their family members or close friends it is the best compliment a client can give us.

What do you see the future holds for you and the podiatry profession?

I hope the Podiatry Profession keeps growing and developing through improved research and technology and to keep striving to improve every Australian’s foot health.

I also hope that someday the general community will think of Podiatrists’ first when they have a foot issue. You go to a dentist for teeth problems, you go to an optometrist for an eye issue, you see a Podiatrist for Foot Issues!

Finally, I would also like to see people attending Podiatrists not only when they have an issue but for a regular check-up. Your feet carry you around, keep you working, keep you active yet we pay so little attention to them. Prevention is better than cure. Like you visit your dentist and optometrist for regular check-ups you should also have a regular foot health check up!

It has been, still is and always will be a privilege to meet and treat everyone of the patients who come to ProMed. So here’s to my wonderful clients past, present and future. I look forward to another 21 years helping people to have happy and healthy feet!

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