We’re in the business of keeping feet healthy, and poor eating habits can have a direct impact on foot health. A few small changes to your diet can help to prevent or alleviate several painful and debilitating foot conditions. And, of course, eating well is vital for overall health and wellness. 

Healthy eating and dining out can appear to be two opposing alternatives. Restaurant menus are filled with tasty temptations that make mouths water, and can potentially interfere with your healthy eating goals. We know it can seem like you’re presented with an ultimatum when making these choices at restaurants, so we have come up with these five tips to help you eat healthier when dining out.

  • Plan ahead

When you next go out to a restaurant take some time beforehand to plan your meal. To avoid temptation, it’s always good to check the menu online beforehand and select what you are going to order. Be sure to choose a restaurant that offers variety, this allows you to have greater control over what you end up ordering.

  • So, what will you be having to drink? 

Would you like still or sparkling? This will often be the first of many choices you make when dining out. Sticking with water is the clearcut way to avoid the extra calories that come with many other beverage choices. Water is also known to fill you up and reduce your appetite. When it comes to dessert, skipping the indulgence of a chocolate fondant cake for a coffee is associated with a range of health benefits thanks to coffee’s antioxidants and beneficial nutrients. 

  • Make a healthy swap

Swapping your side of chips is one of the best things you can do for your health when dining out. Aussies are struggling to meet their daily recommended fruit and veg intake, which can lead to vitamin deficiencies along with other conditions. Not only are the added veggies good for you they also contain very few calories, making the swap perfect for those watching their weight. There are also plenty of plant-based options emerging on restaurant menus. These options are an easy way to boost your veggie intake, while still enjoying the fun of eating out. 

  • Take your time

We live in a rushed, distracted, and fast-moving society. As a consequence eating can sometimes feel like more of a chore than it should. Taking the time to savour your meal not only increases the satisfaction of the experience, but it’s also helping your waistline. Multiple studies have shown a clear correlation between eating slowly and a reduction in appetite. So, if you always think you have room for dessert, slowing down the speed you eat your main course may make you think differently.

Slowing down is easier said than done. But, reminding yourself to both chew slowly and to put your fork down in between bites are the two most effective ways to make sure you slow down when eating.  

  • Some things are just best to avoid

As our final tip we have included a list of menu items you are best avoiding or limiting if you are looking to eat healthier when dining out: 

  • Sugary Drinks. Alternatives: water, soda water, coffee or tea
  • Fried foods. Alternatives: Baked or broiled foods
  • Fries/Chips. Alternatives: Salad, Baked Veggies or Sweet Potato Chips
  • Ice Cream. Alternatives: Sorbet 
  • Cream-based sauces. Alternative: Tomato-based sauces 
  • Alcohol


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